find amazing places nearby

Get rewarded for exploring your area, find new places, and support your local economy


Not just an awesome GovHack project, a real app coming soon!

What does B-Here let you do?

Find new places

By browsing the B-Here map, you will find places near you. These places may include parks, historical buildings, and even pop-up style events!

Get rewarded

Local business can offer you rewards for completing exploration challenges through B-Here. Imagine getting a half price coffee for taking a selfie with a statue in the park! 

Share the experience

Like many things in life, B-Here is better with friends. Invite yours to explore with you, and you’ll earn extra bonuses when you complete challenges together!

The best way to find things to see and do

Just fire up the B-Here app, log in and you’ll be greeted with a map showing you plenty of cool things to see and do within walking distance. It’s the perfect cure for the isolation blues! Whether you want to explore your area by yourself, or reconnect with friends and earn bonus rewards, B-Here is what you need!

Find new places

Reconnect with friends

Get awesome rewards

Be the first to B-Here

B-Here supports local businesses

Giving small businesses a much needed opportunity to survive a global pandemic

COVID-19 has had a devastating affect on small businesses all over the world. B-Here allows local businesses to market to new customers in an exciting new way. By offering rewards to users for completing challenges through the B-Here platform, you are not only encouraging people to socialise and explore, but also come through your door and redeem rewards and offers that they’ve earned. 

Wherever you are, you should


Explore. Socialise. Benefit.

You should really B-here